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Playing games and watching video game content has become the sport of the digital generation. Esports offers brands the chance to build genuine relationships with hard-to-reach digital natives.

Who are digital natives?

The generation who grew up in the digital age including both Millennials (1981-1996) and Generation Z (1996+)

Why are they hard-to-reach?

This generation hardly watches traditional media and needs to be approached in a non-disruptive way

Esports marketing to the rescue

Video games are played professionally just as there is the Champions League for football. This is called esports and it has become the sport of the digital generation.

Kayzr solutions

As the leading esports organisation in the Benelux with over 5 years of expertise, we offer our partners various solutions to position their brand amongst digital natives. 

Native advertising

We offer visibility for your brand in a native and non-intrusive manner on our platform and other marketing channels.

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Engagement marketing

We don’t just offer plain visibility for your brand, we create engaging campaigns. We submerge your brand in the Kayzr esports ecosystem

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We offer 360 degree consultation sessions during which we share our acquired online and offline expertise.

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Kayzr Esports Ecosystem

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As a manufacturer of audio solutions for gaming, we strive to reach the gaming audience in the best way possible with the right communication via the best channels. We consider Kayzr being such a channel, building a natural bridge from the brand to the users via their platform, esports, customized campaign, as well as their level of engagement, proactivity and passion.

Michal Tempczyk, Sennheiser

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