Why the most innovative banks are moving into esports marketing?

Soon, digital natives will make up for the primary workforce. This means they’ll not only be the largest working population, but they will also have more purchasing power. However, unlike any other generation, digital natives are hard to reach. They are not engaging with traditional media, and they tend to block out all other forms of advertisements from their experience.

With 97% of the world’s teens playing games, esports marketing seems like a logical response for the banking industry. Not only can they drive sales, but they can also build an employer brand to reach this highly educated generation. As a matter of fact, the leading banks are already doing it!

How are they doing it? You’ll learn right here:

  • How banking & payment giants migrate to esports marketing
  • KBC invests in esports marketing through Kayzr

How banking & payment giants migrate to esports marketing


In recent years, Mastercard has integrated itself into the esports ecosystem. Mastercard has collaborated with game publisher Riot Games on various occasions. Currently, the leading financial company sponsors northern Europe’s Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) for the second year in a row. Mastercard hopes to bring the gaming community together across Northern Europe and create the best League of Legends play ever seen.

Esports marketing in banking

Their partnership with NLC grants Mastercard multiple custom broadcast segments, including fact and insight shows, highlight replays, in-broadcast graphics, and even giveaway rewards to the fans!

“League of Legends is central to our increasing support of esports around the world, so we look forward to further strengthen and grow our relationship with ESL Gaming for the Northern League of Legends Championship.” – Jeannette Liendo, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication @Mastercard Europe

As part of the agreement, Mastercard gets to be the official payment partner of NLC. Mastercard understands the increasing purchase power of digital natives so the extension of their partnership seems like a logical choice.


In Brazil, the financial institution Santander has become the official bank and partner of Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF). To the experts at Santander, esports marketing is a bold step to reach digital natives that few other banks have taken.

“For us, it is not just a sponsorship, it is a business strategy, a bet in a place that no other player in the financial market has been. It has to do with innovation and boldness. We chose the most popular and democratic game today to make our debut in the gaming world.” – Igor Puga, Director of Brand & Marketing @Santander Brazil

Thanks to the partnership between the banking institution and the Free Fire game, fans get a chance to collect in-game currencies or ‘Diamonds’ in daily life. Players can register on the Santander website to acquire Free Fire Diamonds. By spending with a Santander credit card, they will receive a lucky number to compete for two prizes of one million Diamonds.

Players could also register for ‘SX’, a financial solution by Santander, and win 600 Diamonds simply by registering their social security number. To top it all off, players who make at least one monthly SX transaction receive 50 Diamonds per month. The model actively engages digital native Free Fire fans with the services of Santander. It goes to show that gaming and esports marketing is a huge opportunity for banking!

Besides Mastercard and Santander, much more banking and financial organizations are exploiting esports marketing across Europe and the globe. One of those examples is the Belgian bank KBC.

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KBC invests in esports marketing via Kayzr

Digital natives will soon make up for the largest part of the working population. As a career-minded generation, employers need to think carefully about how to attract young professionals. One of those employers is the KBC bank. Needless to say, KBC had a major opportunity in esports marketing, so they worked with Kayzr to get everything right.

“Esports is no longer niche. Better yet, it’s becoming increasingly mainstream. That’s why Kayzr is the ideal way for us to reach thousands upon thousands of today’s young people, many of whom are avid gamers and spectators.” – Marc De Leeuw, Head of Events @KBC

Kayzr is the largest esports platform in the Benelux with over 100,000 gamers. With 5+ years of experience in everything from organizing esports competitions, to creating content and hosting events they’re the perfect partner to set up your esports marketing strategy.

Esports marketing strategy

Kayzr helped KBC determine the right strategy to reach and engage their audience through esports marketing. To do so they answered the following questions.

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Unfortunately, the banking industry doesn’t have the reputation of being the most interesting industry. However, that’s not how KBC feels about it! To prove their point, KBC leveraged esports marketing to take a fun and memorable approach to both customer and employer branding.

With their campaign, they wanted to REACH, and ENGAGE their potential future workforce. To measure this they will track KPIs like page views, viewing time, and matches played.


KBC wanted to reach young professionals. These are people who just finished school or are about to finish school, and are looking for a job. This allows them to target gamers based on a variety of elements such as their age, education, and even behavior or previous interest.


After some market research, KBC landed on Rocket League as their game of choice. The reason for this is two-folded. First, Rocket League was the game where most young professionals engaged with. Additionally, KBC was looking for a non-violent game which made it the perfect fit for their campaign.


Now that KBC had decided on their goals, audience, and core content they needed to find the right channels to promote their esports marketing campaign. Luckily, their partnership with Kayzr allowed for an easy transition into the Benelux esports ecosystem.

Kayzr esports tournament platform

The Kayzr esports platform is an online environment where gamers can mingle and compete in their favorite games. Amateur gamers can join esports tournaments for fun or to take their shot at going pro. Every month, thousands of young professionals partake in these tournaments.

Esports marketing KBC banking - Kayzr

KBC became the main sponsor of the Rocket League. This meant, they got their own brand page on the Kayzr platform, as well as a bunch of visibility throughout the gamer experience.


  • 1 million+ monthly page views
  • 5,000+ monthly matches
  • 500+ unique monthly users

Esports broadcasts on Kayzr TV

Following the example of Mastercard at the NLC, banking firms can also contribute to the tons of broadcasted esports content. At Kayzr, this means live broadcasts of the Kayzr League and esports-related content on their Twitch channel Kayzr TV, which collects over 100,000 views per month.

As the main sponsor of the Rocket League on Kayzr, KBC was highlighted during the live-streamed matches on Kayzr TV. Through in-stream ads, logo overlays, and content integration KBC became integrated into the entire viewership experience.


  • 100,000+ live views per season
  • 10+ min average viewing time
  • 75+ participating professional esports teams

Esports events & activation

A big part of esports marketing is offline events and activations. This is where fans get to interact with one another and see their virtual world come to life. Not only is it a great way for KBC to acquire, engage and retain customers, but also potential employees.

“Kayzr knows that world like no other. We’re working closely with their experts to find a good match between KBC and create relevant content for gamers. Bring on the future!” – Marc De Leeuw, Head of Event @KBC.

KBC banking gaming branding

With Kayzr as an event partner, KBC took part in two different esports events. First off they got exposure in the esports arena of the Kayzr League during FACTS, the Belgian equivalent of comic-con.

Esports activation

Secondly, they filled a movie theatre in Antwerp with the Kayzr League as well. Participants could win monetary prizes (or eternal respect in the community). Needless to say, these events bring along plenty of PR and exposure.

Banking activation


  • 10,000 + esports arena visitors at the Kayzr League at FACTS
  • 300+ viewers at the Kayzr League in Kinepolis Antwerpen
  • 40+ employees enjoyed a live esports activation


The banking industry is slowly realizing the potential of esports marketing. With most digital natives either playing or viewing video games the esports landscape offers a great opportunity to drive sales or job applications among digital natives.

Clear goals, a laser-focused audience, and awesome content spread across a bunch of esports marketing channels lead to great results. Financial institutions like Mastercard, Santander, and KBC are living examples of this.

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