The influence of Corona on the Gaming industry

In the entire world, the economy is getting hit hard. Worldwide oil prices have never been this low, Chinese manufacturers are forced to close causing China exports to plummet exports 20-25 percent, the OECD downgrades the growth forecasts worldwide. Meanwhile, big events get canceled, not only sports but concerts, festivals, exhibitions, you name it. Also the gaming industry has felt a huge impact. But it’s not all negatives. For the gaming industry there are a lot of opportunities to take!  Mostly because parts of this sector actually benefit from people being at home. Let’s talk about the positives and negatives.

Firstly let’s take a look at some of the negative effects. Just like there’s no football anywhere in Europe, there’s no offline esports anymore either. In normal circumstances the best CounterStrike: Global Offensive players would be in Malta right now competing in ESL Season 11 (one of the biggest esports competitions in the world with a prize pool of $750,000). This tournament gets played over the internet but that means no fans anywhere nearby, no finals in a stadium and a lot less income for the organization.


Tournaments aren’t the only offline gaming events. June traditionally brings the E3 expo. Every big game developer, and a lot of smaller ones, go to E3 to talk about new games coming up. It’s a very big commercial event, where game designers & developers get to show off what they have been working on. It was meant to take place in the US, but of course it got canceled. The effects of sales will be felt the most by smaller developers. The big ones still have their online marketing campaigns. For the smaller ones events like these are their entire campaign.


A last negative effect is delays. Like all companies game developers look for ways to make sure their employees stay safe and sound. This, unfortunately, means a lot of delays due to temporary unemployment. “The Last of Us 2” got delayed until after the summer. The same goes for a Nintendo Switch port of “The Outer Worlds”, and many more. Delays in games aren’t that exceptional, but now there’s talk of delaying the new consoles as well, and that’s something that has never happened before.


Now for some positives though. Steam, which is one of the biggest launchers/stores for games, broke one of their biggest records to date. On the 16th of March, 20 million people were playing games on Steam at the same time. That never happened before. Over last weekend, they hit even a bigger number with more than 24 million players!

For the first time since the release of the game CS:GO in 2012 it has more than 1 million concurrent players (people who are playing the game at the same time).

Another company that’s breaking records is Amazon’s Twitch. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform in the world. People play games, and other people can watch them. The Twitch community grows month after month anyways but in 2020 it took a leap. In Q1 of 2020 viewers watched 3.1 billion hours. That means 350,000 years. And nope, there’s no typo in that sentence.

A last question we want to answer: what’s the influence on Kayzr?

The Kayzr community has been growing week after week with a avg weekly growth of 20% in both registrations as well as tournaments played.

In the last couple of weeks we saw it grow even faster. How much of that is due to COVID-19 is not entirely clear. We’ve seemed to have timed the launch of Kayzr 4.0 perfectly. We launched a whole lot of new features like game leagues that give users the chance to play on Kayzr 24/7. Next to that, we’ve upgraded our levelling system, badges and even added a lottery to our shop! Make sure to check them out on the Kayzr platform!

Even though the entire Kayzr team is #FlatteningTheCurve by working from our homes, doesn’t mean we have been sitting still.

In collaboration with the company Game Mania (who are active in Belgium and the Netherlands) we have set up our new league format in the form of 4 different Game Mania branded Leagues. We made an assessment of what games had the right fit for the Game Mania brand and came to these 4 titles:

  • Call Of Duty: Warzone
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • FIFA 20
  • Fortnite

You can now play these games on our Kayzr platform 24/7. By doing this you will earn Kayzr coins as well as Lottery tickets which you can spend in our shop. In this shop, we have a lottery with different Game Mania prizes. You can place your Lottery Tickets on these items. Next to that, you can still use your Kayzr coins to buy hundreds of items in the shop.

Since the start of the campaign on march 23th, more than 1000 players (and counting) have entered these leagues. Talk about a success story!

Next to this activation on our own platform, we set up the ‘Proximus Pro League e-Cup’ platform, where FIFA-players get the chance to test their skill set and battle it out in the comfort of their own living room! Players can play FIFA 24/7 and win a whole lot of cool prizes in the shop. From Football jerseys to a UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals Duo Ticket and much more!

In collaboration with Proximus and Pro League, we made a successful FIFA platform with more than 1600 matches played on day 1!

As of this week our Kayzr League season has also started with the biggest teams from the Benelux and for the first time some very big teams from France! Make sure to check it out on our Twitch channel.

In Collaboration with Golden Palace and LouvardGames we’ve enhanced the competition to a higher level.

You can find all information about the Kayzr League here

Talking about our Twitch channel. We’ve invested a lot of time in being more active on the platform. Because of the massive overlap with the Kayzr community and Twitch, we have made it our mission to be live 5 days a week or more. We do this by giving the chance to our Kayzr community and other streamers to take over our channel for a day. Make sure to come say hi!

If a company has ever doubted to invest in esports or gaming, this is the time to do it!

We can help by connecting your brand to gaming by:

  • Using the Kayzr Platform
  • Our other social channels
  • Whitelabel options
  • Consulting
  • Much more!

Check out our brand new business website and feel free to contact us with any questions related to esports/gaming, we’re happy to help!

Keep on gaming! 🎮