Branding in the gaming industry – a case study

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Branding in the gaming industry is not an easy task. Gaming has become more mainstream than ever with almost half of the world being a gamer. Especially during the pandemic we have seen a lot of people and brands adopt to this booming industry.

In such a saturated industry, only having reach doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe in the short term, sure, but everyone aims for long term impact.

In this webinar you can learn how to use your brand the right way: listening to your audience and being interactive. Tips you can start applying right away to increase your authenticity and engagement with your brand. We cover the following topics:

  • Why the gaming industry is such a big opportunity

  • Challenges you may face with the gaming industry

  • Reach x Authenticity x Engagement = Impact

  • How to reach Gen Y and Z

  • Non-intrusive advertisements that don’t get stopped by AdBlock

  • A practical example: Proximus, how a non-endemic brand can enter the gaming industry

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Presenter: Xander Van Buggenhout

Head of business development @Kayzr

xander - business developer

Presenter: Axel Gekiere

Co-founder @Adshot

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